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PPC: Bid on Your Brand Name

This is an ongoing declaration inward the manufacture as well as fifty-fifty inward the way I run for. My conduct hold on the subject? If you're spending coin on pay per click marketing , yous must purchase your build name! Ignore those who say otherwise.

Make damned certain you're bidding on the shout out , mispellings , as well as the like.

Even if yous grade #1 for your ain name. Do it anyway.

Here's why:

  1. It's cheap. PPC engines' character scoring algorithms hateful you're probable to larn the best bargain on your ain fellowship as well as production names. That translates to lower bids.
  2. It's insurance. If yous sideslip from the organic rankings for a solar daytime or 2 , your paid ranking volition keep your presence.
  3. Chances are , mortal else has your shout out , too. You're in all likelihood non the exclusively 'Acme Co.' on earth.
  4. If yous don't bid , competitors will. In the US of America it's perfectly legal to bid on contender production as well as fellowship names. It happens all the time. You tin easily outbid them , though , cheers character scoring (see #1)
  5. Did I cite it's cheap?

Why Bother You Ask?

How much coin create yous invest inward trademarking your shout out , incorporating your draw of piece of employment organisation , etc.? Buying your ain build shout out on Google Adwords , Yahoo! as well as Live is a tiny expense yesteryear comparison. Why not create it?

I conduct hold run pay per click accounts for numerous clients (who shall rest nameless) who tried to persuade us to halt bidding on their build shout out inward their pay per click campaign. Despite efforts to dissuade them they did it anyway , claiming they'd larn the same results from their organic rankings. Within a calendar week their Pb count barbarous yesteryear 40%. Turned out other , unrelated companies had the same shout out equally them , as well as they weren't #1 inward the organic rankings for their ain name.

You don't conduct hold to believe me , though. Read what George Michie said on the RKG blog.

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