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Update My Computer

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How to Updating your computer?

What are updates?
Microsoft offers of import updates, which include safety in addition to other critical updates, to aid protect your estimator against novel viruses in addition to other safety threats that tin spread over the Internet or a network. Other updates incorporate enhancements, such every bit upgrades in addition to tools that tin aid your estimator run to a greater extent than smoothly.

Update your Computer Follow This Steps:
1. Click Start, in addition to and hence click Control Panel.

2. Depending on which Control Panel stance y'all use, Classic or Category, create i of the following:
Click System, in addition to and hence click the Automatic Updates tab.
Click Automatic (recommended) Option in addition to choose the solar daytime in addition to fourth dimension y'all desire Windows to install updates. (Your Select Time Every Day 3:00 AM. Your Computer Update Every Day 3:00 AM)
Click Apply -> OK.

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