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Securing XP

Welcome To Internet Marketing Support | 1. NTFS Partition.
2. Disable Error Reporting
3. Disable Automatic Updates (only if your XP re-create is pirated)
4. Disable "Recent Documents" Viewed
5. Setup XP Firewall
6. Setup screensaver password
7. Setup BIOS password
8. Setup "AfterBios" login password
9. Account Modifications
-Rename Admin Account
-Disable Guest Account
-Disable Help_Assistant Account
-Disable Support Account
10. Install a virus scanner.
11. Change Login Screen (default shows usernames)
12. Disable Remote Registry (and other services)
13. Disable/Change Auto-Search settings inward IE.

1. NTFS Partition.
Be certain to install XP onto an NTFS division hence that yous (the admin) tin lavatory conduct maintain advantage
of file permissions. You desire this selection hence that "you" tin lavatory create upwards one's heed who reads, writes,
executes what files.

If yous didnt install XP onto an NTFS partition. Convert It. To convert to NTFS follow
the instructions below.

Open a command prompt as well as type "convert c: /FT:NTFS /v"
This command volition convert your c: division from FAT to NTFS inward verbose mode.

2. Disable Error Reporting.
we dont desire microsoft to know everytime nosotros fuck up. specially if nosotros didnt pay for winxp.

command panel > surgical procedure as well as maintenance > organisation > advanced > fault reporting (disable all) correct click "my computer" > create out > services as well as applications > services > " halt as well as disable" Error Reporting.

3. Disable automatic updates.
To update, they must know what nosotros have. thats a NO NO!

NOTE: DO THIS ONLY IF YOUR COPY OF XP IS PIRATED!! I propose "auto update" if your re-create of XP is legal. If your re-create is pirated hence i propose that yous remain updated amongst the latest fixes as well as patches manually.

command panel > surgical procedure as well as maintenance > organisation > automatic updates (disable updates)

correct click "my computer" > create out > services as well as applications > services > " halt as well as disable" Automatic Updates.

4. Disable "Recent Documents" Viewed.
Quit listing most recent documents opened nether the outset button.

command panel > appearance as well as themes > work bar as well as outset bill of fare > outset bill of fare >
customize > advanced

withdraw the checkmark adjacent to "List my most lately opened documents".

5. Setup XP Firewall.
Before this change, i scanned my xp box as well as constitute it to conduct maintain many ports broad open. After this change, I constitute nix as well as xp logged the attempts inward c:\windows\pfirewall.log.

command panel > network connections > correct click "local expanse connection" > properties
> advanced > cheque the box nether "Internet Connection Firewall" hence pick out "settings".

Services Tab - exit all unchecked unless at that spot is a service yous are running that people
must last able to access.

Logging Options - Log everything.

ICMP - I left all these unchecked for the fourth dimension being. (allowing nothing)

(this does non protect yous from "Spy Ware". This solely stops traffic from coming into
your win-xp box (not all traffic). It does non halt traffic from going out.) If you
quest to halt traffic from going out as well as quest a to a greater extent than secure firewall hence download a real
firewall similar "zone warning or dark ice".

6. Setup screensaver password.
Setting a screensaver password incase yous exit to a greater extent than or less of that hush-hush pr0n opened upwards when yous walk away.

correct click on the desktop > properties > enshroud saver > cheque the box adjacent to " On
Resume, Password Protect."

If yous dont conduct maintain a password onset your user account, yous tin lavatory create hence inward command panel >
user accounts > alter account.

7. Setting a BIOS password.
We dont desire anyone rebooting the figurer or trying to sneak into our pr0n spell nosotros are away at schoolhouse or work.

I cant explicate to 1 how this is done due to the differences betwixt all computers and
how the BIOS settings are entered. If yous know what Im talking close hence create it. If you
dont know what Im talking bout hence larn how to create it. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 screensaver password is useless
unless yous setup a BIOS password.

8. Setting upwards the "AfterBios" password.
Sometimes bios passwords are easily cracked. This password volition add together extra local login safety incase your bios exceed is crax0red. I dont know bout yous but i dearest having to type inward iii passwds as well as a username to login to my box.

Start > run > type "syskey" > pick out "update" > pick out "Password Startup" > acquire into a
password as well as pick out ok.
9. Renaming as well as Disabling Accounts for adminstrator, guest, help_assistant as well as support.
Right click my_computer > create out > local users as well as groups
rename administrator account
disable invitee account
disable help_assistant account
disable back upwards account

10. Install Virus Protection.
Install a virus scanner. Your firewall mightiness protect your organisation from unwanted hackers but
what close an unwanted virus or trojan?. I recommend installing a virus scanner such as
"Nortons" or "McAfee".

11. Change Default Login Screen.
Xp uses the "welcome screen" yesteryear default. This enshroud has the names of all accounts on the
organisation hence that the user solely has to click on their cite as well as type a password. Come on now....
We arent that damn lazy. If nosotros alter this enshroud to the normal login, hence prying eyes
volition conduct maintain to know a username as well as password to acquire in. Follow the didactics below to change

command panel > user accounts > alter the agency users log on or off

uncheck the box adjacent to "Use Welcome Screen" as well as pick out "apply options".

12. Disable Remote Registry.right click "my computer" > create out > services as well as applications > services > " halt as well as disable" Remote Registry.

NOTE: disable whatever services running inward this expanse that yous arent using.

13. Disable/Change Auto-search inward Internet Explorer.
This is non actually a safety risk but it is of import to to a greater extent than or less people that prefer to drib dead on their network surfing to themselves as well as away from microsoft.

Open Internet Explorer > Click the "search" push clit > click the "customize" push clit > click
"autosearch settings" > FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW...

DISABLE: In the "When Searching" drib downward menu, select "Do non search from the address bar". > click "ok" > "ok". Type an invalid address inward your address bar as well as encounter if it
takes yous to the msn search page or if it gives a "page non found" error. In this
case, the "page non found" fault is what nosotros want.

CHANGE: If yous wishing non to disable, but yous wishing to alter it to your favorite ""
search page. Instead of next the "DISABLE" instructions, follow the instructions
below. Choose "Google Sites (or whatever yous prefer)" from the "choose a search provider
to search from address bar" drib downward bill of fare > click "ok" > "ok"

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