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Scam: Domain Listing Services Corp

I received a startling missive of the alphabet inward the postal service the other day. I register nearly of my domains via but because I larn a lot of discounts due to the number of domains I register. Regardless , I tin solely assume this society whores the 'whois' information from novel domain purchases in addition to thence sends out a missive of the alphabet advertising their horrific services! If y'all received a missive of the alphabet that looks similar this , BEWARE:

Directly from the letter:
Domain shout out submission alongside 8 telephone substitution words/ phrases to 25 MAJOR search engines , quarterly search engine submissions

Directly from their website:
We submit your website four times a yr to over 25 search engines in addition to concern directories similar these below...
Google Yahoo MSN AltaVista Excite
About Overture Netscape Lycos HotBot
Quickseek Scrub The Web Search Hippo Alexa Web Search Metadata Search Spider
Search It Super Snooper Ultraseek Info Probe whatUseek Network

Before nosotros larn whatever further....THIS IS NOT H5N1 GOOD DEAL! NOT FOR $75!! NOT EVER!!
What are the issues alongside this? First off , when y'all submit your website to a search engine y'all don't larn to choice 'key words / phrases'. You but submit your URL (

Second , search engines lead keep evolved tremendously since the 'early days' in addition to the require to submit your website to search engines is no longer needed. Rather , get together a few links from roughly potency websites presently afterward y'all launch your novel website in addition to allow Google in addition to Yahoo to discovery your website naturally past times doing what they create best - next links to discovery novel content.

Thirdly , in addition to based on my minute indicate , continually submitting your website to search engines (for event the 'quarterly submissions' advertised above) IS SPAM in addition to volition solely number inward getting your website banned completely from the major search engines.

I was thence bothered past times the fact that this society , Domain Listing Services Corp , is making God knows how much coin off of uneducated people I decided to create roughly digging.

  • Here is a corking mail from Danifer Web Services.

  • Here is roughly other from which notes that besides operates equally ilscorp - Internet Listing Service Corp. - yeah , roughly other scam!

  • Yet roughly other from Les Jones Blog (take the fourth dimension to read through the comments! It is good worth it!)

  • Rip-Off Report: Domain Listing Service Corp - says it all!

  • Please experience costless to contact the next organizations alongside your complaints:


    Better Business Bureau

    ZoneEdit - Their DNS host or postal service

    WaveRiderHosting - their hosting company

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