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PPC Ad Copy Competition: Myanmar Cyclone Donation

Distilled wanted to produce something to grade in addition to convey attending to the launch of their novel suite of PPC tools. But , they are bringing attending to their novel enterprise yesteryear doing a chip of skilful - helping out alongside the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone appeal yesteryear catering to 1 of their strengths: PPC advertising!

So what does all this mean? H5N1 PPC cite re-create writing contest of course! Based on the Myanmar Cyclone tragedy , whoever writes the best PPC cite for charity wins!

Here are the rules:

1. You write a weblog postal service nearly the contest in addition to include your competing ad(s) inwards the re-create of the weblog postal service - in addition to then link to it inwards Distilled's comments thence they know of your wish to piece of occupation inwards the competition. The role of your postal service is to spread the discussion nearly the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone appeal.

2. Ads must follow the Google Ads format: 25 characters headline (1st line) , 35 characters 2nd business , 35 characters third line.

3. Up to 3 ads may live submitted. However , brand certain you lot rank your submissions every bit the ads may live express depending on the let on of entries.

4. The landing page you’ll live sending traffic to is

5. They volition live purchasing only 1 keyphrase: ‘Myanmar cyclone appeal’

6. Distilled volition position all the cite entries into a PPC possess alongside the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone donation page on World Vision every bit the landing page - deadline is Fri 13th June.

7. Distilled is also fronting the budget to run the PPC possess for a express time. The longer the possess is run the ameliorate every bit it volition Pb to to a greater extent than donations (and to a greater extent than statistical significance for those competing!). So if anyone is interested inwards contributing to the PPC budget delight get inwards touch.

8. The cite that performs the best in addition to drives the most total of traffic wins.

So , all that said , hither are my entries from start to last:

{KeyWord:Myanmar Cyclone Aid}
Help Volunteers Rebuild Lives in
Myanmar alongside Just $25. Donate Today

Myanmar Cyclone Aid
2.4 Million Homeless in addition to Hungry.
Help Cyclone Victims. Donate Today!

Myanmar Cyclone Aid
Their lives were changed inwards seconds
Help Provide Lifes Essentials

Let me know what you lot yell upwards of the cite copy! (Oh , in addition to croak along your fingers crossed nosotros heighten a large total of funds for this terrible tragedy!)

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