Google Confirms Page Load Time Affects Quality Score

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Google lastly confirms that page charge fourth dimension affects your PPC Quality Score. You tin follow to a greater extent than of the conversation inwards both WebmasterWorld together with Search Engine Watch Forums. It volition live interesting to come across if Yahoo's Quality Score calculation follows!

Here are the details:

  • This ingredient is non yet alive yet.
  • There is no official appointment every bit to when it volition become live.
  • Google idea they would launch it , together with hence they seat it inwards the FAQs precisely did pulled dorsum together with forgot to take it from the total dump FAQs.
  • Google planned an Inside AdWords weblog postal service to denote this inwards advance.
  • We volition in all likelihood come across a weblog postal service on this inside a calendar week at Google's blog.
  • Google confirmed the page charge fourth dimension course of teaching volition live displayed on the Keyword Analysis Page.
  • "Several weeks" later you lot come across your page charge fourth dimension course of teaching , the page charge fourth dimension metric volition live used inwards the overall AdWords lineament score.

Some of import questions rest , however. What happens if a site is having temporary server issues , does that advertiser bring to endure for a whole calendar month until Google checks the page charge fourth dimension again? How many seconds is considered a bad page charge time? And together with hence on... I assume these questions volition live addressed inwards the AdWords weblog postal service that is probable coming inside a week.

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