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Adobe Says, Flash Now SEO Friendly

I wrote a post service dorsum inwards Jan "Google tin hand the sack Read Flash" discussing unopen to comments made my Matt Cutts which 'hint' at the fact Google was working amongst Adobe to brand Flash files SEO or Search Engine friendly. Here is a quick excerpt:

In a recent interview amongst Stephan Spencer , Matt Cutts admits that Google is using Adobe Systems' Search Engine SDK technology scientific discipline to 'read' flash website content.

That fairly definite confirmation of how Google reads text inside Flash files makes it possible to create Flash .swf files amongst unopen to degree of search engine optimization.

With the launch of a Flash-reading tool from Adobe , marketers tin hand the sack subdivision Flash into their SEO efforts , instead of compensating for the presence of Flash amongst extra text.

Marketing Vox released a storey today discussing the evolution of a production that interprets Flash applications for spider web crawlers , making it possible to index that information for searchers. Adobe , the creators of Flash technology scientific discipline , released the production to Google in addition to Yahoo.

Text in addition to links from Flash apps volition right away look inwards search engine results for users querying relevant keywords or phrases , simply similar ordinary HTML content , Adobe wrote.

Flash software is used to construct interactive banners , applications , games or eye-catching graphics on a site. Google is already utilizing the Flash-indexing service; Yahoo "has unopen to function to exercise ," according to Adobe's VP of marketing Michele Turner.

For to a greater extent than information , read the SWF file format specification on Adobe

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