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5 Alternatives In addition to Google AdSense Advertising Program

For you are now often rejected or registration of your blog at was not approved by Google Adsense, then do not ever worry for not earn money from a blog. There are still a lot of programs advertising that is more receptive to your blog than Google adsense, google adsense although generally most numerous and popular used by bloggers, at least you can make money as they. Here are some of the advertising program you should know in addition to Google AdSense.  

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The first advertising programs such as Google adsense indeed, with a system of PPC (Pay Per Click). By using the program This advertising you can still make money, to process approval of this program is also quite easy, just wait around 1 x 24 hours of your blog reviews. You can use the system Paypal and payooner.

One of the advertising program that remains popular is, which this advertising program devoted to blogs that have downloadable games category and softwere that legal, Because ad impressions provided by this bidvestiver form link or pop ads that says download.


The next advertising program is, advertising programs This match once you try to blog discusses about marketing, banking and information also gadgets. Because ad served in accordance with the category of your blog. The system PPC and CPC. Payout can use Paypal, Bank Transfer and also Payooner.


The fourth advertising program is a bit more complicated than with other advertising programs, news came out. ad placement Clicksor in the blog seriously complicated. But the ads that appear quite nice and compared adsense.

The next advertising program is Puxee, which will gives you about 75% of the revenue from ad clicks and 25% for the Puxee own. So sharing like this is enough tempting.

That's some alternative advertising program from Google adsense. Congratulations try.

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