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Move Xp Hard Drive to New PC

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Really easy. But this solely plant if the master copy motherboard as well as harddrive yet work. as well as thus pose it dorsum together. for newbies.

go to command panel > double-click the organisation picture > hardware tab as well as click device director button. notice the IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLERS as well as expand the tab. non the main or secondary controller, merely right-click the outset controller. pick out update driver. pick out the selection to install from a listing or specific location. click next. at in 1 trial pick out the (don't search. I volition pick out the driver to install) option. click next. at in 1 trial highlight the Standard Dual Channel Pci Ide Controller. click next. the Standard controller volition install. at in 1 trial reboot. log in. the measure controller is completely installed. yous tin strength out at in 1 trial shutdown the computer, take away your harddrive, as well as it volition kick amongst the novel motherboard. i've done this 24 times on 12 dissimilar computers. it works.

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