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Speed Up Internet

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How to Speed Up Internet?

Windows XP

1. First, opened upwards the Windows Registry using Regedit, in addition to navigate to:

2. Note the next lines (all hex dwords):

Class = 008 ( biggrin.gif - indicates that TCP/IP is a get upwards service provider, don't change
LocalPriority = 1f3 (499) - local names cache
HostsPriority = 1f4 (500) - the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 7d0 (2000) - DNS
NetbtPriority = 7d1 (2001) - NetBT name-resolution, including WINS

3. What we're aiming to create is growth the priority of the final iv settings, spell keeping their order. The valid attain is from -32768 to +32767 in addition to lower numbers hateful higher priority compared to other services. What we're aiming at is lower numbers without going to extremes, something similar what's shown below should operate well:

4. Change the "Priority" lines to:

LocalPriority = 005 (5) - local names cache
HostsPriority = 006 (6) - the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 007 (7) - DNS
NetbtPriority = 008 ( biggrin.gif - NetBT name-resolution, including WINS

5. Reboot for changes to create got effect

2. Windows 9x/ME

1. The tweak is essentialy the same every bit inwards Windows 2000/XP, simply the place inwards the Registry is slightly different. For a to a greater extent than detailed description come across the Windows 2000/XP department above

2. Open the Windows Registry using Regedit, in addition to (after backing up) navigate to:


3. You should come across the next settings:


4. The "priority" lines should hold upwards changed to:


5. Reboot for changes to create got effect

3. System.ini IRQ Tweak - Windows 9x/ME ONLY

1. Find your Network Card's IRQ

1. In guild to add together the entry to your System.ini file, you'd showtime create got to uncovering your NIC's IRQ

2. Right-click on My Computer epitome on your Desktop, therefore left-click on Properties (a shortcut for that would hold upwards to press the 'Windows' + 'Pause' keys). Navigate to Device Manager in addition to double-click on Computer. Under "View Resources" you lot volition uncovering a listing of IRQs, each alongside description of the device that's using it. Note the IRQ publish used past times your Network Adapter

2. Adding the entry to System.ini

1. Once you've establish the IRQ of your Network Card, you lot ask to reserve or therefore RAM for its use, past times adding an entry to the System.ini file. You tin edit the file inwards whatsoever text editor, nonetheless the easiest agency is to purpose Windows' built inwards "System Configuration Editor"

2. Navigate to Start > Run in addition to type sysedit . Find the [386enh] Section inwards the System.ini file in addition to add together Irq[n]=4096 nether it, where [n] is the IRQ publish of your NIC in addition to 4096 is the total of RAM you lot want to reserve inwards Kbytes. We recommend using 4096, nonetheless you lot tin experiment alongside dissimilar values if you lot want. Save changes inwards the file, leave of absence in addition to reboot for changes to create got effect.

Note: If you lot select to endeavor dissimilar values, proceed inwards heed that reserving likewise much RAM for your NIC volition decrease the total of RAM available for applications, spell reserving likewise lilliputian powerfulness non plough over the desired effect

3. Additional Thoughts

1. The exclusively negative outcome of the System.ini IRQ tweak is that it volition cut the total of RAM available for running applications a bit, past times reserving or therefore specifically for your Network Card's use. The gain inwards functioning normally outweighs the negative outcome past times far, considering whatsoever Computer alongside 32Mb of RAM or more

2. This tweak may or may non operate for you. It is non a documented tweak past times Windows

3. Keep inwards heed that if you lot add together hardware to your arrangement the IRQ of the Network Adapter powerfulness change, inwards which instance you lot volition ask to modify the setting inwards System.ini

4. In systems alongside multiple NICs, you lot powerfulness want to add together the setting for both IRQs. Also, you lot could reserve RAM for other IRQs if you lot wish, simply purpose mutual feel in addition to don't forget it reduces the total of RAM available for running applications.

5. If you lot are using an USB device, it does non create got a specific IRQ, nonetheless you lot tin endeavor adding the entry using the IRQ of the USB Controller.

6. For internal Cable Modems, you'd create got to add together the entry using the IRQ of your modem, rather than the IRQ of a Network Card

No thing how expert your systems may be, they're exclusively every bit effective every bit what you lot set into them.

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