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Removing Stored User Name and Password in Mozila Firefox

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When you lot watch a Web site that requires authentication or crusade to connect to remote computers , you lot are given the choice to salve your password thence that the side yesteryear side fourth dimension you lot watch the page or crusade to access a remote resources , you lot create non bring to reenter your password. This feature tin survive a huge convenience , peculiarly if you lot access a detail Web site or resources frequently. The downside to this convenience is the potential for horrible safety together with privacy problems. Essentially , you lot are taking the password off all of the sites together with resources for which you lot saved a password. Anyone who has physical access to your calculator tin brand it using your username together with password , fifty-fifty if they create non know your password.

1. Open Mozila Firefox.

. C
lick on Tools -> options -> Security -> Seved Passwords -> Show Passwords -> Yes.

3. The Stored User Names together with Passwords window volition charge , showing you lot a listing of all of the accounts that are saved on your computer.

4. To take a saved password , lead the concern human relationship on the listing together with click the Remove

5. Repeat the previous steps for whatsoever other accounts that you lot desire to remove.

6. When you lot are finished , only click Close.

You tin too purpose the Stored User Names together with Passwords window to add together to a greater extent than user names and passwords to your computer.

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