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Reboot Whitout Rebooting

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Have y'all always been using your reckoner in addition to your organization all of a precipitous stops responding inwards ways similar it if y'all endeavour to opened upward something it but hangs? One fourth dimension I tried deleting a folder in addition to it said it was inwards use, but it genuinely wasn't. If this always happens to you, y'all tin forcefulness out follow these uncomplicated steps to 'reboot' your reckoner without 'rebooting' it.

Press CRTL + ALT + DEL

Go to the 'processes' tab in addition to click explorer.exe in i trial in addition to and then click 'end process'.

Now, click File -> New Task in addition to type explorer.exe

Everything should live on fine now! If the work is major, I would recomend genuinely shutting downwards in addition to then starting upward again.

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