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Phoenix Beep Codes

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1-1-3 CMOS read/write failure
1-1-4 ROM BIOS checksum error
1-2-1 Programmable interval timer failure
1-2-2 DMA initialisation failure
1-2-3 DMA page register read/write failure
1-3-1 RAM refresh verification failure
1-3-3 First 64k RAM fleck or information line of piece of job failure
1-3-4 First 64k RAM odd/even logic failure
1-4-1 Address line of piece of job failure begin 64k RAM
1-4-2 Parity failure begin 64k RAM
2-_-_ Faulty Memory
3-1-_ Faulty Motherboard
3-2-4 Keyboard controller Test failure
3-3-4 Screen initialisation failure
3-4-1 Screen retrace examination failure
3-4-2 Search for video ROM inward progress
4-2-1 Timer tick interrupt inward progress or failure
4-2-2 Shutdown examination inward progress or failure
4-2-3 Gate A20 failure
4-2-4 Unexpected interrupt inward protected mode
4-3-1 RAM examination inward progress or failure>ffffh
4-3-2 Faulty Motherboard
4-3-3 Interval timer channel ii examination or failure
4-3-4 Time of Day clock examination failure
4-4-1 Serial port examination or failure
4-4-2 Parallel port examination or failure
4-4-3 Math coprocessor examination or failure
Low 1-1-2 System Board pick out failure
Low 1-1-3 Extended CMOS RAM failure

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