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Map Drive Button

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Do yous desire to speedily map a drive, simply can’t detect the toolbar button? If yous map drives often, role 1 of these options to add together a Map Drive push to the folder toolbar.

Option One (Long Term Fix)

Click Start, click My Computer, right-click the toolbar, too therefore unlock the toolbars, if necessary.

Right-click the toolbar again, too and therefore click Customize.

Under Available toolbar buttons, locate Map Drive, too drag it into the seat yous desire on the correct nether Current toolbar buttons.

Click Close, click OK, too and therefore click OK again.

You right away accept crusade mapping buttons on your toolbar, therefore yous tin map drives from whatever folder window. To unmap drives, follow the higher upwards procedure, selecting Disconnect nether Available toolbar buttons. To speedily map a drive, endeavour this option.
Option Two (Quick Fix)

Click Start, too right-click My Computer.
Click Map Network Drive.

If yous house your My Computer prototype request on the desktop, yous tin brand this deed inwards solely ii clicks!

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