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How to use pen drive as RAM

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Yes amongst roughly modified settings yous tin purpose your pen get every bit a RAM

1) Connect your pen get to your PC [pen get should locomote at to the lowest degree i GB or if yous having iv GB as well as hence its better]

2) Allow PC what he is supposed to create ,let organization to disclose pen drive.

3) After your PC finished amongst its detection locomote ,you convey to create roughly little

4) Right click on the My Computer as well as lead the properties

5) Goto advanced as well as and hence surgical physical care for setting as well as hence advanced then

6) Select pen get as well as click on custom size " Check the value of infinite available "

7) Enter the same inwards the Initial as well as the Max columns

" You simply used the retention of the PenDrive every bit a Virtual Memory "

8) Now restart your pc as well as bask your fast as well as super system

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