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Yahoo To Display Ads in PDF Documents Online

I received an email from my friends at Yahoo Search Marketing ... they volition hold upwards launching a beta programme as well as wanted my input via an online survey. So what's the beta program? Well , read for yourself:

Yahoo PDF E-mail
Once you lot become into the marrow of the survey , in that location is around additional data , however:

Ads for Adobe PDF provides a powerful novel channel to communicate their messages to a highly engaged as well as targeted audience. In add-on , Ads for Adobe PDF provides advertisers a agency to rail the functioning of ads placed inward PDF content , only equally they tin hand notice today with ads placed inward Web sites.

These ads come upwards from advertisers participating inward Yahoo! Content Match. Content Match is a pay-per-click crusade tactic that displays your ads with relevant websites , as well as directly PDFs equally well.

Now , for those of you lot who know me or fifty-fifty follow this spider web log , most of you lot tin hand notice in all probability approximate the thoughts that came to mind. I'm nigh equally far from a fan of the content network equally 1 could hold upwards -primarily because they convey a lot of window-shopping clicks as well as un-targeted , non-coverting clicks. I flora myself wondering...many PDFs are composed of images or are created completely un-optimized! How tin hand notice Yahoo (or Google or MSN for that matter) gain upwards one's heed which ads to demo based on that type of page? Are nosotros heading downwards a 'content network road' that is progressively nigh making coin over quality?

What are your thoughts? Even better...have whatever of you lot had success using the content network?

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