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Yahoo Search Marketing Pricing Change Webinar

Last calendar month , I blogged close Yahoo increasing minimum bids. Basically , they are moving their bid model to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than inward delineate of piece of occupation alongside the agency Google prices a click. In Yahoo's illustration , a minimum bid tin move either inward a higher house or below .10 cents depending on the character together with value of the specific term.

If your concern human relationship has been affected yesteryear this novel pricing model , yous in all likelihood recieved an email at but about signal that looked similar this:
Subject line: Alert Notification: Keywords Pending Inactivation

Dear Advertiser

Minimum bid requirements accept increased for [account name].
Some of your active Sponsored Search keywords volition before long cash inward one's chips inactive.
Review bids now.
So , if yous are nonetheless unclear close how your minimum bids are ready for Yahoo's Sponsored Search , a free webinar for advertisers volition move held on Th , May 29 , to assist yous empathise the change.

The webinar will:

  • Walk yous through the changes associated alongside the pricing update
  • Provide an overview of novel concern human relationship features together with functionality
  • Share best practices for keyword together with cite character management
  • Present sample scenarios of how your concern human relationship mightiness move affected
  • Offer best practices for working alongside minimum bids

To register:

Click here to cash inward one's chips to the webinar registration pages. First-time webinar registrants volition necessitate to do a password of betwixt iv together with 32 characters. If yous are unable to attend either webinar , an archive of the webinar volition move available inward Yahoo's Help Center.

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