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New and Improved AdSense for Search

Improved Adsense for Search
So , I hollo upwards most people know my abhorrence for the Content network. I convey non had much success alongside it inwards the by together with the ROI , typically , is sub-par. That existence said , I know at that spot convey been improvements inwards the targeting , purging of click fraud , etc. since I made my terminal endeavour at achieving Adsense 'nirvana'. That existence said , I received together with interesting electronic mail from the Adsense Team the other day. It started out with:
We noticed that you're non currently using AdSense for search , which agency you lot may survive missing out on revenue from your pages.
Ah , yes. Google trying to convince me to pass to a greater extent than of my difficult earned dollars! What a surprise. But the 'new features' trouble caught my heart together with somebody together with then I read on:

• Site Search: We've heard that many publishers are concerned nearly users leaving their sites through Websearch , together with and then straight off you lot tin lead to supply merely site search. You tin likewise host the search results on your ain pages together with then that your users tin honour the data they're looking for without leaving your site.
• Improved indexing of your pages: We've lately improved our indexing applied scientific discipline together with then that you lot tin supply a to a greater extent than enhanced Site Search sense for your users. AdSense for search volition straight off index fifty-fifty to a greater extent than pages of your site , every bit long every bit we’re able to crawl them , together with then that your users volition encounter to a greater extent than results from your site inwards your AdSense for search results.
• Vertical Search: You tin likewise let your users to search across multiple sites you lot select - this could survive a network of sites that you lot ain or other related sites that you lot hollo upwards your users powerfulness honour useful. If you lot write mass reviews on your weblog , for illustration , you lot tin role vertical search to specify a listing of online bookstores for users to search through.
• Refining searches alongside keywords: You tin tailor your search results together with ads to the content of your site , since search damage tin convey dissimilar meanings inwards dissimilar contexts. Let's tell you lot produce out a site nearly yoga - you lot tin locomote into keywords such every bit 'yoga ,' 'exercise ,' together with 'meditation' together with then that when a user searches for 'mat ,' the search results together with ads volition survive to a greater extent than related to yoga mats together with less to commercial flooring mats. (You tin encounter an illustration of this inwards our video at .) In our experiments , we've flora that this tuning has led to an increase inwards earnings for publishers.
• Selecting advertizing location: Now , you lot tin produce upwards one's heed where to house your
ads on search results pages -- whether it's at the overstep , bottom , or correct side of each page. We recommend placing ads at the overstep together with correct side of the page , every bit we've flora this monetizes the best for publishers.

So , I am intrigued - this blows away the content network options of fifty-fifty a yr ago! Anyone out at that spot convey whatever thoughts , sense , instance studies , numbers , etc? Should I dive dorsum into the content network?

PS. If you'd similar to larn to a greater extent than nearly the novel features available for AdSense for search , see

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