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Keep Your Adwords Account Safe & Secure

There stimulate got latterly been an increased publish of phishing attempts targeted at Google Adwords advertisers. I received an e-mail from Google regarding the outcome as well as idea I would move yesteryear along the tips to those folks who may stimulate got non received it or may stimulate got overlooked it.

There are reports of phishing attempts that falsely appear to survive from These fraudulent emails inquire users to update their billing data , bring activeness on a disapproved advertizing , edit their concern human relationship , or stimulate got novel AdWords price as well as conditions. Please recall that Google's AdWords squad volition never ship an unsolicited message holler for for your password or other sensitive data yesteryear electronic mail or through a link.

Here are a few additional tips on how to avoid phishing attempts:

- Don't reply to or click on links inward emails that inquire for personal , fiscal , or concern human relationship information.
- Check the message headers. The From: address as well as the Return-path should reference the same source.
- Instead of clicking the links inward emails , larn to the websites straight yesteryear typing the spider web address into your browser , cutting as well as glue or piece of job bookmarks.
- If on a secure page , await for "https" at the begging of the URL as well as the padlock epitome inward the browser.
- Keep your computer's antivirus , spyware , browser , as well as safety patches upward to engagement as well as regularly run organization scans.
- Review your accounts regularly as well as banking concern stand upward for for unauthorized activity.
- Use a browser that has a phishing filter (Firefox , Internet Explorer , or Opera).

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