Google to Give Homeless Voicemail?

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In ane hell-of-a PR deed , Google has vowed to grade every unmarried homeless somebody inward San Francisco a lifelong telephone publish in addition to voicemail , should they get got it , according to KNTV-TV.

The annunciation was made at a Project Homeless Connect Event. Google volition partner with the metropolis to distribute the numbers.

The deed could enable the homeless to produce sum out labor applications , which require callback numbers , in addition to enable clinics to telephone telephone them for exam results , with other things.

So , what else is Google doing with telephone technology? If y'all are sick of paying fees for 411 calls from your domicile or jail mobile telephone phone , cheque out Google's automated 411 service: 1-800-GOOG-411. I role it on a weekly basis! For FREE!!! You tin stance the video present below:

Anyone get got an thought of when Google volition live live launching their ain jail mobile telephone phone network?:)

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