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8 Ways to Track Phone Orders from PPC & Search

My novel favorite blogger , Shimon Sandler has posted viii methods you lot tin run for tracking telephone orders that were initiated past times Search. This is a work that plagues EVERY fellowship involved inwards search. How create nosotros give-up the ghost a truthful feel of the furnish on advertising pass when telephone orders or telephone leads are non beingness taken into account? These viii tips volition brand the tracking procedure MUCH , MUCH easier!

1) Create a unique landing page amongst a unique 800# for Google , Yahoo , MSN respectively.

2) Generate a unique “promo code” past times placing all your keywords inwards a database in addition to assign them an private ID. Then when the user clicks on the Google url , it volition attach a string to the URL like: keyword=12345. The unique ID tin survive the promo code that appears on the webpage.

3) By adding a unique client reference code (promo code) on the page , in addition to the reps on the telephone tin inquire for that number. Train the sales reps to tape in addition to study the “lead source”.

4) The Landing page tin encourage visitors to impress a discount coupon , which tin survive redeemed at local stores. The Landing page could encourage prospects to notice their local shop in addition to redeem their discount coupon.

5) Possibly utilize an 800# amongst an IVR telephone organisation for tracking. Great Expectations , Inc. used an IVR organisation to rails telephone calls. The toll of their IVR was $.35 per minute. 3% of all their leads came from the IVR system.

6) Integrating your frontend/backend amongst your Conversion & Tracking software , in addition to enabling an API to rails the sales total generated per keyword & the pass on that keyword.

7) Use Pay-Per-Call.

8) Use tracking software from a fellowship that specializes inwards tracking conversions from phone calls.

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