20 Must Have Pages for Every Blogger

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I stumbled upon ProBloggers post service regarding xx Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider as well as thought it would last a perfect follow upwardly to the 52 Ways to Optimize Your Blog post.

It's of import to Federal Reserve notation static pages are dissimilar from spider web log posts. The spider web log posts you lot create are dated as well as demo upwardly on your spider web log inward chronological order. The static pages sit down on private spider web pages as well as are linked to from the navigation bar of your blog. These pages never motility as well as the content stays the same until it is updated again.

I summarized a twosome of my favorites but all xx are definitely worth considering depending on the size of your spider web log as well as its readership.

1. About Page - possibly ane of the best uses of a spider web log static page. Having an virtually page is essential inward my heed every bit it gives novel readers to your spider web log a snapshot of who you lot are as well as why they should subscribe to your blog. This is the page that I larn to every fourth dimension I hitting a novel blog.

2. Contact Page - I’m amazed how many bloggers don’t convey whatever trend of contacting them on their blog. While I sympathise the temptation non to convey ane you lot could last missing out of wonderful opportunities past times non giving readers , potential partners , press , other bloggers a trend of contacting you.

11. Services Pages - If you lot offering services to readers as well as hence prepare a dedicated sales page for yourself as well as link to it prominently on your blog. The event hither is my Consulting page - a page I used to bespeak to regularly. These days I don’t offering these services whatever to a greater extent than (due to workload) hence convey non promoted it for a while. I detect that when you lot convey a dedicated page to selling your services you lot tin sell yourself much to a greater extent than expansively than simply a quick advert elsewhere on your blog.

14. Sneeze Pages - ane swell trend to propel people deep inside your spider web log is to prepare a Sneeze Page or a ‘Best of’ page that highlights some of the amend articles on your spider web log roughly a detail theme. Put links to these pages on your sidebar or refer to them inward posts as well as you’ll encounter your page impressions per visit

15. Testimonial Pages - if you’re selling something (even if it’s yourself) to convey some split upwardly of a testimonial page tin last really worthwhile. People base of operations buying decisions increasingly upon the opinions of others - hence capture some of these opinions as well as introduce them.

Darren lists quite a few other options also , though many apply solely to for certain types of blogs. I would propose reading the entire list! You are for certain to halt at to the lowest degree ane static page thought you lot haven't already implemented. If your spider web log publishes enough of content , cheque out #8 as well as #9. If your spider web log is used to promote functions or you're a requested speaker , regard adding #16.

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