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Track SEO Rankings with Google Analytics

So , at that spot are many ways to tracking keyword rankings. There are paid tools similar Web Position-which was late blocked past times Google for a curt period. There are gratis tools similar Exact Factor - exactly the tool is express to ix keywords it tin terminate track. Market Samurai , 1 of the hottest SEO tools available is also a feasible alternative for tracking keyword rankings. Because of these reasons every bit good every bit others , it makes feel to rail rankings at the source - Google Analytics. I originally institute the persuasion behind tracking seo rankings amongst google analytics at exactly decided to repost amongst or as well as then additional item based on the questions I had piece trying to implement.

So , the starting fourth dimension steps are to setup a filter inwards Google Analytics. There volition live on a full of three filters needed to implement this Google Analytics SEO tracking. Filter 1 as well as two volition accept tending of filtering out everything other than organic traffic. The 3rd volition render the tracking filter. This is important: you lot volition also possess got to create a novel profile to apply these filters to otherwise it volition screw upward your original profile's tracking! Now , onto the filters!

Filter 1: Google Analytics SEO Keyword Tracking

This filter volition allow solely Organic traffic into the profile. Create a novel filter , pick out filter type "custom filter". Then pick out the "include" alternative , ready the filter champaign on "Campaign Medium" as well as the filter blueprint on "organic". Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 screenshot is below:

Filter 2: Google Analytics SEO Keyword Tracking

The minute filter tells Google Analytics to capture traffic from Google , Yahoo as well as MSN. Create a novel filter , pick out filter type "custom filter". Then pick out the "include" alternative , ready the filter champaign on "Campaign Source" as well as filter blueprint on "googleliveyahoo".

Tracking SEO Keyword Rankings amongst Google Analytics

Filter 3: Google Analytics SEO Keyword Tracking

Set upward the 3rd filter every bit an advanced filter similar so-->

Google Analytics Tracking SEO Rankings
The SEO Keyword Ranking Results:

After a piece the "User Defined" study volition await similar this (ignore the language):

Track SEO Rankings With Google Analytics
What you lot run across are non the actual rankings , exactly the publish of the starting fourth dimension lawsuit of the page the keyword was on. So when you lot run across xx , it way the keyword was on the 3rd page , as well as a fifty way the 6th page. (Yahoo as well as Live Search volition study 21 as well as 51 inwards stead of xx as well as 50).
There were a publish of questions inwards the comments surrounding well-nigh non seeing a publish exactly solely "(page: ): it way the keyword was on the starting fourth dimension page - a skilful thing:)
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