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Maximize Dial-up Modem Settings

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Did you lot know that yesteryear changing a few settings you lot tin brand your dial-up modem run better? That's correct you lot powerfulness accept a fast modem in addition to a expert connection, but you lot are non getting the best performance. With a few adjustments, you lot tin become faster connexion speeds.

NOTE: Since every PC configuration is different, these adjustments powerfulness non operate for everyone.

With Windows 95, 98 & ME you'll involve to opened upward your Control Panel ( Start / Control Panel ). Click "System" in addition to then direct "Device Manager". Open upward "Ports", highlight your modem port (should endure COM2), in addition to direct "Properties" close the bottom. When you lot click "Port Settings", you lot volition see the modem speed listed nether "Bits per second".

With Win XP , simply concur downward the Alt cardinal in addition to double-click "My Computer" to convey upward System Properties. Click the "Hardware" tab, in addition to then direct the "Device Manager" button. Scroll downward to "Modems" in addition to click the piddling (—) to exhibit your modem, in addition to then double click it.

Selecting the "Modem" tab volition permit you lot to conform the port speed.

Usually, the Maximum Port Speed is on the highest setting (115,000 bps), but sometimes you lot volition detect it on a slower default of 9600 bps. If you lot accept a 56k modem, you lot tin crank it upward to the maximum setting without whatsoever problem (in nearly cases). If you lot alive inwards a cave in addition to accept a 28k modem, in addition to then the fastest you lot tin create is 57,600 bps.

Win 9x users should also conform the "Flow Control" close the bottom. The default for this is normally Xon/Xoff which is the software control—change this to "Hardware" if you lot desire to become the nearly from your modem. Next, click the "Advanced" push to conform the Receiver Buffer to its highest setting (all the agency to the right). If you lot see whatsoever problems, simply plough this i dorsum to the 2/3 setting.

To check/adjust the Receive-Transmit buffers inwards XP, click the "Advanced" tab of your modem properties in addition to then direct the "Advanced Port Settings" button. Make certain that both are fix to their highest settings.

There are many to a greater extent than tweaks that tin endure done inwards the registry, but the potential for disaster is likewise high for the average user. Some folks install dial-up accelerators, which basically tweak these registry settings for you lot in addition to perform other routines to optimize performance.

Just yesteryear changing these few settings, though, you lot should see amend performance.

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