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Add Url Address Bar To The Taskbar

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You tin add together an Internet URL address bar to your Windows XP taskbar. Doing thus volition allow y'all type inward URLs together with launch Web pages without offset launching a browser. It volition likewise allow y'all launch simply about native Windows XP applications inward much the same agency every 2nd y'all would via the Run card (so y'all could type inward calc to launch the reckoner or mspaint to launch Microsoft Paint. Here's how y'all add together the address bar:

1. Right-click on the taskbar, pick out Toolbars, together with thus click Address.

2. The give-and-take Address volition look on your taskbar.

3. Double click it to access it.

4. If that doesn't work, your taskbar is locked. You tin unlock it past times right-clicking on the taskbar in 1 lawsuit again together with uncheck Lock the Taskbar.
NOTE: You may likewise demand to grab the vertical dotted lines beside the give-and-take Address together with drag it to the left to brand the Address window appear.

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