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Reboot Whitout Rebooting

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Have you lot always been using your estimator together with your arrangement all of a precipitous stops responding inwards ways similar it if you lot displace to opened upwardly something it but hangs? One fourth dimension I tried deleting a folder together with it said it was inwards purpose , but it genuinely wasn't. If this always happens to you lot , you lot tin sack follow these unproblematic steps to 'reboot' your estimator without 'rebooting' it.

Press CRTL + ALT + DEL

Go to the 'processes' tab together with click explorer.exe 1 time together with and then click 'end process'.

Now , click File -> New Task together with type explorer.exe

Everything should hold out fine now! If the work is major , I would recomend genuinely shutting downward together with then starting upwardly again.

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