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Map Drive Button

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Do you lot desire to rapidly map a campaign , exactly can’t discovery the toolbar button? If you lot map drives oftentimes , operate 1 of these options to add together a Map Drive push to the folder toolbar.

Option One (Long Term Fix)

Click Start , click My Computer , right-click the toolbar , too thence unlock the toolbars , if necessary.

Right-click the toolbar 1 time to a greater extent than , too and thence click Customize.

Under Available toolbar buttons , locate Map Drive , too drag it into the seat you lot desire on the correct nether Current toolbar buttons.

Click Close , click OK , too and thence click OK again.

You straightaway convey campaign mapping buttons on your toolbar , thence you lot tin map drives from whatever folder window. To unmap drives , follow the higher upward physical care for , selecting Disconnect nether Available toolbar buttons. To rapidly map a campaign , attempt this option.
Option Two (Quick Fix)

Click Start , too right-click My Computer.
Click Map Network Drive.

If you lot house your My Computer ikon lead on the desktop , you lot tin brand this deed inward exclusively 2 clicks!

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