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Create CON folder

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Create a novel folder in addition to travail to rename it to whatsoever i of the to a higher house specified names , yous know what happens! In Windows XP the folder mention automatically changes dorsum to “New Folder” no affair yous travail whatsoever let on of times.Where every bit inwards Windows Vista when yous travail to rename the file yous decease an mistake message “The specified device mention is invalid”.

What is the argue for this? Simple , These names stand upwards for the internal devices in addition to thence nosotros cannot exercise folders amongst the to a higher house names.

Yes because it is nonetheless possible to exercise these folders using the ascendance prompt. Follow this step.

1. Start -> Run -> Type inwards run CMD in addition to ok in addition to opened upwards ascendance prompt.

2. Type inwards prompt (Eg. To Create Con Folder inwards D: Drive)
C:\>md \\.\d:\con

NOTE:”con” tin flaming last replaced past times whatsoever other names such every bit “prn” , “nul” “com1? “com2? “lpt1? etc.

3. To delete the folder run the next command
C:\>rd \\.\d:\con

NOTE:The folder tin flaming solely last deleted from the ascendance prompt.You cannot take it past times right-click delete

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