Building Links Through Do-Follow Blogs - Spam?

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I was reading through i of my favorite blogs , Search Engine Journal , together with stumbled upon an fantabulous article regarding the purpose of spider web log commentes for link edifice together with the on-going declaration of whether or non it is 'considered' spamming.

The writer Ann Smarty raises an of import question! “If I construct links via spider web log commenting - create I await similar a spammer?

To encounter how comment spam tin forcefulness out hold upwards identified algorithmically , let’s endeavor analyzing Spam Karma reports (it was entirely fooled i time or twice amongst my ain blog). The plugin uses combination of the next ‘red flags’:

  1. It looks at the menses of fourth dimension the comment was posted afterward the page loaded;
  2. It analyzes if the comment contains an URL(s) inwards content;
  3. (If at that topographic point is an URL inwards content) it compares non-URL comment length together with the length of the URL itself;
  4. It looks if the URLs are linked or not;
  5. It filters some ’spammy’ IPs;
  6. It looks how quondam the postal service is together with how long agone the latest comment at that topographic point appeared;
  7. It tracks if the poster’s browser looks natural (e.g. if it supports JavaScript);

A search engine tin forcefulness out create pretty much the same plus it mightiness hold upwards looking into:

  • comment relevancy;
  • overall comment content length;
  • similar/same comments or then several blogs;
  • your linked comments acquisition charge per unit of measurement (e.g. 100 per twenty-four hr menses mightiness await unnatural);
  • some blacklist words similar "porn" both inwards the writer link together with the
    comment body.
So if yous avoid those flags together with comment at relevant (established) blogs (that both follow together with nofollow) yous are both adding value to the discussion together with doing some natural link edifice (btw , if yous bring a similar to the blogger’s postal service article , deep-link your writer link).

This is for sure a hot topic! Feel gratis to operate out your thoughts or suggestions inwards the comments below..

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